How come email no longer goes into my sent box?

by on September 8, 2010

Q: All my emails I now send are not showing in my sent items box. All the other ones are there but new emails I send are not showing. I have only started using read receipts and it was suggest that they were jamming my email? On the bottom of the outlook tool bar its is saying sending message 1 of 10 but never seems to clear itself? It was suggested to download a program from Microsoft called MDBVU32.EXE. I went through the instructions but can’t seem to fix it?

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    1. What version of outlook are you using?
    2. What e-mail system are you connecting to? If this is your work e-mail system you should talk to your on-site support to isolate the problem.

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    sorted thanks 2 hours onto Microsoft, it was a corrupt pst file.many thank