How come I always get errors when using Windows 7 backup application?

by on September 10, 2010

Q: Just wondering if any one can help with my backup problem. I am currently backing up my internal drives to a WD 1TB USB External Hard Drive. I am using window’s 7’s backup application. After about an hour or so the backup stops. I get an error message saying that the backup did not complete successfully. I then have the option to try again.

After I apply this the backup seems to continue from where it left off. The problem is this backup is taking forever and I always need to be at the computer to restart the backup when this error occurs. I would like it to just continue backing up without me having to restart. Any help appreciated thanks.

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    To be able to provide any help with this, I’d need to know the exact and complete error message.

    If you’re only getting a generic error message or are just frustrated with the windows 7 backup features, try Crashplan it’s free to use to backup data to an external drive:


      Hello Mark, thanks for the reply.

      The error code I am getting is 0x80070002. “Windows backup did not complete

      It also reads “Check your backup, the system cannot find the specified
      file.” It then gives two options. “Try to run backup again” or Change backup

      The change backup settings option only asks which drive to save the backup
      on. This has already been specified as my WD External 1TB drive.

      I click on the other option, which is to try to run backup again. When I
      choose this, the backup seems to restart but continue from where it left

      I am basically just wanting to let it continuously run without stopping and
      producing the error messages as I have a lot of data to backup.

      This is windows 7 backup app.

      Thanks again.


    If you want to use Windows Backup, there is a possible solution here:

    It is about halfway down the page, look for your 0×80070002 error code.

    Their suggested fix is pretty elaborate, personally I think you’re much better off using a different tool like crashplan (free) which I linked to in my earlier post.