How can I make long playlists for my iPod without taking up a lot of space?

by on September 11, 2010

Q: I have created playlists in iTunes for my new 160 GB iPod. In each I put one artist. E.g., perhaps 3 albums of Doors. The problem then becomes when playing these playlists when I have company and desire perhaps 5 hrs of uninterrupted music playing, when the playlist ends, the music stops. I know I could create big playlists, eg,. put in albums from several artists etc. But then I would have duplicates taking up space in my iPod……a tune would be in a “long playlist” as well as in a playlist with that artist only. It would be ever so much better if one could tell the iPod to play several playlists concurrently. Is this possible?

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    Playlists don’t create copies of your music, they are just a list of songs to play. Also, in iTunes you can select what playlists get loaded onto your ipod, so you can still have long playlists on your computer that you just don’t select to get loaded.

    If you drag a playlist onto another playlist all those songs will just be added. So you can’t just have it play a bunch of playlists.

    In this case the easiest thing would be to try creating a smart playlist. See for instructions.


    Thanks Mark! I didn’t know a playlist was not copies of the songs themselves. That makes life WAY easier and sure makes more sense! Thanks for the smart playlist link too.