How come I can access the Internet from my computer but software cannot for updates?

by on September 11, 2010

Q: My computer can access the internet in terms of browsing but whenever it tries to connect to like a server or something to update it doesn’t work. I’ve tried updating Avast, Zune, and AVG, they all don’t work.

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    It sounds like there is some kind of firewall blocking your outbound traffic and only allowing out port 80. Do you have any locally installed firewall on your computer? Do you have another computer that is on the same network that is experiencing the same issues or that you can test with? Is this a home network that you are on? Let me know and we can do some further troubleshooting.


    There was some Malware on my computer that might of changed some settings. I’m 99.9% sure that it’s gone but the settings haven’t been changed back yet. So I think you’re right and it is some sort of fire wall.


    It definitely seems like something is blocking your outbound traffic. Like I said the best way to troubleshoot this is to try another computer that you know is good on the same network that your having an issue on. This will ensure that it is something locally on your computer in which case you will have to have someone take a look at it.


    Can I not just reset some sort of internet code or something? Everything works fine on the other computers.


    Unfortunately it sounds like there is still some sort of infection on your computer that is blocking the outgoing traffic. My best suggestion is to try to run microsoft security essentials on the computer and see if that cleans it. If it does not your best bet would be to back everything up and re-build it.


    I downloaded it and scanned my entire computer. It found threats and I deleted them. The problem is still there though. I can’t update my zune!