How come I cannot find my downloads when I try to add music to iTunes?

by on September 11, 2010

Q: When I download songs in Windows 7, a menu pops up that shows everything that has been downloaded since I last cleared the list. It will show there that lets say Paul Simon has been downloaded. I can right click it and it will let me see the file the download is contained in.

Always, downloads go into a rather obscure downloads file gotten to by working


When I go to downloads in this way the songs do indeed show up….Paul Simon.

When I then go to iTunes and click
add folder to library

I then am taken to a screen that looks much like the one I started with in the start menu BUT when I go through the
Debra U

Suddenly Paul Simon is not in there! But if I go back and do it the first mentioned way . he is there. I followed the directions on this site for revealing hidden folders. .didn’t help.

Any one got any ideas for how I can get ol Paul to show up when approaching a file from iTunes?

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    What is the file extension on the Paul Simon music file? (right click on the file in windows explorer -> Properties) When you are browsing to the folder through itunes does it have a drop down menu in the bottom right hand side that says something along the lines of “Display .mp3,wav” if so, click that drop down and see if there is something that says “Show All” or “everything”.


    When I go to the file via w.e. and right click then go to properties, I don’t know what an extension is when I get there. Can you tell me more? I am thinking it is the bunch of letters that follow the title right?

    After each Paul Simon album name (listed in downloads) I notice it says “iTunes music player”. It says that for all albums that I have been unable to move to my iTunes library. There are other albums that I WAS successful at moving over and what it says after those ia “file folder”… Also, I think it is relevant that there is an icon just before each Paul Simon album that is the iTunes icon.

    Further, there are other albums I haven’t been able to move into iTunes that say MP3 layer 3 Aud…

    Also, I should have mentioned I am using Windows 7.

    When I go to the file through iTunes via FILE, ADD FOLDER TO LIBRARY, there is not a Show all or display wav MP3 etc drop down anywhere that I can find. I suspect what info you want is just shown without a drop down and without going to properties etc . . yes?

    The site where I am downloading this stuff allows one to download them as many times as desired during a 6 mos period. I am thinking I don’t know what I am doing and it might be best if I just deleted all these downloads that won’t cooperate, then download them again. .. … BUT wait to open and move them etc . ..until I have directions from some knowledgeable person…..??? hint hint.