How come my screen looks different after connecting to a projector?

by on September 12, 2010

Q: I am using a Compaq Presario (V6741US) with XP. I recently connected it to my TV via an S-video chord. After using hitting fn+F4 (the combination of buttons I have used before to get this screen to show up on a projection TV screen), my screen and Icons became significantly larger. I also watched a tutorial video, and followed these instructions: go to display in the control panel, click on the setting tab, right click on the 2 screen box and click attached, the screen will go blank for a second, then click apply. I am hoping that you can help me figure out how to get them back to normal size.

I tried to change the screen resolution, and it is as small as it goes.

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    A standard TV has a very very low resolution, so it’s going to look pretty terrible as you saw. To support the TV, the laptop had to drop your resolution settings down a whole lot.

    Now, if you’re having trouble getting the computer back to normal, you should be able to cycle back to normal using FN+f4 after you’ve unhooked the laptop from the TV. Also take a close look at the display screen where you were adjusting resolution and make sure the laptop’s lcd screen is selected as the only active monitor.

    Hope this helps!