How do you delete songs from an iPod 160 Classic?

by on September 13, 2010

Q: How does one delete songs from their iPod 160 Classic?

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    Plug your ipod into your computer and launch iTunes.

    Select your ipod on the left when it pops up, and then use iTunes to change the songs/playlists that will be sycned to your iPod


    I don’t want to use the sync function as I don’t want to store all the music I have put into iTunes into my iPod. That is why I have undesired songs in my iPod in the first place, I selected the “manual” function but somehow it got changed and EVERYTHING got put in my iPod with the auto sync function. Is there a way to MANUALLY delete just the stuff I want via my computer within iTunes?


    If you want to manage your iPod classic this way, then you can just enable ‘disk mode’ and then just use the iPod like it was an external harddrive.


    I am afraid you are dealing with a retard here. I followed the directions and put it in “disk mode” but have no idea how to used it like an external hard drive now…..

    I need a forum that is titled AskAGeek4theClueless don’t I?

    I DID find the answer to the other questions I had about being unable to move tunes from my download folder to iTunes. It was all about me not knowing how to unzip files first etc. Now that I do that. . I am able to accomplish the transfer.


    Assuming this is a Windows PC you’re working with, click on ‘Computer’ or ‘My Computer’

    You should see icons for your hard drive, DVD Drive, etc.

    Clicking on any of these allows you to browse the contents of each drive.

    With the ipod in disk mode you should be able to see it listed here too. Click on the ipod and browse the files on the ipod. You can now delete songs from the ipod. If you see any other non-song files on the ipod, leave them alone.