How do I access my hidden net user admin account in Windows 7?

by on September 18, 2010

Q: I’m trying to access the (hidden) net user admin account on my Windows 7 machine. I’ve done it before, but for some reason now it’s not showing up.

I’ve ran cmd as Administrator and entered the command “net user administrator /active:yes” and it said the action was complete. But when I log out of my account to find it, it doesn’t show up. I even booted from a repair disk and ran cmd from there and told it the same thing, to no avail.

My main 7 account is not the hidden admin one. At least, I didn’t create it that way. I’ve done system image restorations before (that’s what I get for tinkering), but I don’t think that would insert my account into the hidden admin one.

It’s weird. I’ve also tried creating a test admin account, and ran cmd as administrator from in there, telling it “net user administrator /active:no” to see if it would turn my main account off, but it didn’t. There’s absolutely no change.

What happened to my hidden admin account?

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    Here are a few different methods to try for activating the ‘Administrator’ account.

    However, you really should just leave it alone. If you need another account with Admin privileges, just create it.


    I attempted to follow the directions other than the one involving the command prompt, but could not. When I ran secpol.msc, the program says that “MMC could not create the plugin” and I am unable to navigate. When running compmgmt.msc, I am unable to find the User Groups section he was referring to.

    I want access to the hidden account because it is the only one with no system restrictions. If I create an admin account, doesn’t it still have limitations?

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    nope, both the hidden admin account and a new account you create with admin rights has the exact same rights and privileges.


    Fantastic, thank you very much.