How come my Cubase 5 software only allows me to access my left level?

by on September 19, 2010

Q: I’m using Cubase 5 Software to record music, but the sound in the program is only using the left level. Not both right and left.

Plus the sound is heard weak, yet after you record and play it back, it’s louder than what you heard while recording.

YouTube and other sounds already on my computer, are heard from both my left and right ear pieces. It’s the instruments going into my computer through the back input that aren’t heard properly.

I hope I’ve given you enough info. I’ve had this problem for a while and no one seems to know where the problem is or how to fix it. Could there be a lose wire? Something with the sound card and the Cubase program? All of the external instruments are working properly. It’s either my computer or Cubase.