How can I make my external hard drive be treated as the same drive letter on all computers?

by on September 22, 2010

Q: I use my external hard drive for listening to music on both my computers (amongst other things). On one computer, it is recognized as the E: drive, and on the other it is recognized as the F: drive.

In foobar (the music program I use) it is set to read my music from E: drive. So, obviously when I go to the other computer, it can’t find my music. I added the F: drive as a source of the files, but it means that each file is displayed twice (but only one can be played).

Is there a way to make both of my computers perceive/treat it as the F: drive (or the E: drive)?

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    Change the drive letter to a ‘lower’ letter like X:

    Start|Run|diskmgmt.msc|right click on drive to reassign|Change Drive Letters and Paths…|Change|Select letter

    You might need to do this once on each computer, but after that it should stick.


      Thanks a bunch, mate. I asked this on multiple tech forums, but no-one seemed to know the answer!
      I don’t know why it changed to F, but it was originally the E drive on both computers… it randomly switched one day… any idea why that might have been?

      Anyway, thanks!


    Why it would have switched could be number of random technical reasons, but just using a ‘lower’ letter should help out.

    Happy Computing!


    It turns out when my sister plugs her iPod in, it changes hers to E: and mine to F:

    Can I change hers without screwing it up?