How come I cannot download on demand shows from DirecTV?

by on September 24, 2010

Q: I have Direct TV, trying to use the OnDemand.

I have a Cisco WET610N (wireless Ethernet) plugged into the TV with all lights saying I’m good to go. Using remote control and System Setup…it says I am connected to DirectTV via the Internet…and congratulations.

Problem is…nothing downloads..I have had an On Demand movie requested for over 2 weeks now. Direct TV has sent a repairman out to my home because they would not believe that I did not have snow on my roof in w tx the end of August (yup told em the picture is just fine…and no snow). Repairman said I have too many corners for the signal to go around and tried selling me their whole home network system…duh wouldn’t same problem exist after I am out another 220 bucks??

After all this time ‘And Justice For All) is 0 % downloaded and the 2nd movie is still pending.

2 Responses to “How come I cannot download on demand shows from DirecTV?”

    1. Try resetting the DVR (red button behind front panel access card door).

    2. Run the DVR test in the Setup menu. Does the “Internet Connection” test pass?

    If that doesn’t work you’ll need to contact DirecTv for support.


    I did all that and unplugged everything and let it all reboot. Another call to Direct TV said “I’m ‘kinda’ connected to the internet, but not really’. Is that like
    being a ‘little bit pregnant’? Also, they had me to try loading their Aps…everything comes up but then a message saying Aps is not available at this time (11)??? It hasn’t been available for another few days now. I just dunno…and oc the movie is still 0% downloaded with the second one pending.