Can I play Half Life 2 on the Internet or on a LAN?

by on September 27, 2010

Q: I want to know if I can play half life 2 dm on a lan, over the net, or is there any thing I can down load for this?

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    You could play over the net if you subscribe to Xbox’s live service. In the past I have also used a service “Xlink Kai” which allows you to play over the internet but requires you install a program on your computer on the local network. Both of these require that your xbox is connected to your home router. You must have broadband bandwidth as well.



    What system are you playing the game on? I didn’t see anywhere that you mentioned you were using an Xbox to play the game.


    sorry um i have in on pc


    Half Life 2 Death Match is playable on-line. Just fire up steam, launch the game and pick a server to play on.


    can i lan over the net? like gaena but that dosn’t work

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    First you need to own a paid version of the game.

    You can buy *just* the death match part for $4.99

    Then you can click multiplayer and join server from the main menu. You can then play on-line.

    If you having trouble doing this you’ll need to tell me exactly what you click and the error messages you run into.

    If you want to create a virtual LAN over the internet to play with just friends you can all use Himachi:

    See their site & support for assistance on setting that up.