How do I connect my LG LCD TV to my HP laptop?

by on September 27, 2010

Q: I just bought an LG LCD TV and I want to hook it up to my HP laptop. I’ve been to 3 stores and got 4 different answers and have purchased 3 different cables that I have had to return. My laptop has a s-video port a VGA port and obviously several USB ports. My new TV has the following inputs/outputs

on the back
RF In (Antenna/Cable)
Component Video In (Y, Pb, Pr) + Audio
Digital Audio Out (Optical)
HDMI/HDCP Input (1.3 w/Deep Color)
RGB In (D-Sub 15pin) – PC
PC Audio Input
RS-232c In (Control/Service)

and the following on the side
HDMI/HDCP Input (1.3 w/Deep Color)
USB 2.0 (Music/Photo)
Headphone Out

I have hooked the TV up to a DVD player and a tuner but I would really like to hook up my TV to my computer because I don’t have cable and instead watch all my TV online. A guy at Futureshop says this can’t be done with my laptop and tried to sell me a new one! I have only had this laptop 18 months so there is no way I am replacing it.

Is there anything I can do to hook this up?

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    Can you tell me what model TV you have? Also what Laptop are you using (brand/model)? This should be possible but I want to verify the connections on your devices first.


    My TV is LG Electronics Flat Panel TV (37″) 37LD450.
    My laptop is HP Pavilion Copper dv6985se.

    The specs on the laptop on some sites say it has an hdmi port which it actually does not on this model.


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    Crazy that a laptop this new doesn’t have a DVI or HDMI connection for digital video (but I dug up some more data on the laptop and see that they do have versions of this laptop out that only have S-Video or VGA)

    Okay, your best option here is going to be to use the VGA out on the laptop, and hook that to your “RGB In (D-Sub 15pin) ” on the TV.

    The cable to do this should be one of these:

    Just pick your size.

    Also, make sure the gender is right. The VGA plug on the TV should look identical to the one on the laptop.


    Thanks for the help Mark….. Femmetastic, Also dont forget to get a M/M Stereo audio cable if you want your sound to play through the television. This will connect from the headphone out jack on your laptop to the PC-Audio In Jack on your television. The cable should look like this….


    Thank you! The guy at Futureshop told me that it would not work. He said I also needed an audio cable and a converter. I guess he thought if I was stupid enough to not know how to do this that I would be stupid enough to buy a new laptop as he suggested! I knew there had to be a way!

    Thanks again…I’m off to find it!


    Ok….so I have bought the correct cable and the audio cable and I am currently using my tv as my monitor however I can’t get the sound to work. Im not sure if I have to do something to my tv or my computer or if I’ve got it hooked up wrong but I could use some more help!


    To check if the computer is setup right try plugging in some headphones to the same plug on the laptop.

    If that works then make sure you’re plugging the sound cable into the audio in on the TV that goes with the video in you’re using. Check your TV’s manual for details.

    If you’re still having trouble, crank the volume up to make sure stuff isn’t just set too low.