How come I get Server Not Found errors?

by on September 28, 2010

Q: I was trying to access this site called using a Firefox browser and I got a message saying “Server Not Found”.

Even if I use a proxy site I still cannot access it. What seems to be the problem? Should I change browser?

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    You can try a different browser, if you’re attempting to access this from a employer’s network and not your home connection there is a high probability that it is blocked.

    In that case stuff like is probably blocked as well.


      If it is blocked then how to unblocked it?

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    I would recommend trying a different browser first as well. If this problem persists this could be a DNS configuration issue as well. You may want to try to change your primary and secondary DNS server IP Addresses.
    I recommend using and (public DNS Servers). Do not change the DNS properties if you are in a Domain Environment.


      Hello Fletcha. I haven’t tried to change my ip adress because after I just asked this question I can access adrive .com again but today I still got the same problem.


    Ayee, are you on a computer at home or at work?