How do I connect to iinet Bob wirelessly from my Toshiba laptop?

by on November 1, 2010

Q: I have a Toshiba Satellite computer L300 about 18 months old. I have recently got the iinet Bob however it does not connect to it wireless. Connection only with cable in. iinet said I needed to update a wireless device so stuck don’t know how to do. I called Microsoft said I was using vista, they said it was a Toshiba problem. eik help need down address i have searched all over.

One Response to “How do I connect to iinet Bob wirelessly from my Toshiba laptop?”

    The problem is either your wireless card build into your laptop, or your wireless access point build into the BoB.

    First, if you’ve never used the wireless connection of your laptop before, make sure it is turned on. Most laptops have a switch or an FN hotkey that will turn the wireless card on and off to save power. Check your toshiba manual (also available on the toshiba website) for directions on where this is on your specific laptop.

    After you’ve verified this, you’ll need to describe the exact problem, does the BoB show up on your list of available wireless connections? Does anything? You might want to take the laptop to a coffee shop or somewhere else with WiFi to test the laptop if you’ve never used that before.

    In short, if the laptop works fine with other WiFi hotspots, you should talk to the iinet support again because the problem is something with the BoB.