How do I view my Safari browsing history as a list instead of images?

by on November 1, 2010

Q: When I click on “Show All History” I want my Safari browsing history to show up as a list, not a visual of mini-web pages for me to flip through. That way I can clear individual sites I don’t want in my history, without clearing the entire history. For example, I can clear today and leave the other days intact. Or I can just delete some sites from a given day’s history. For some reason it’s no longer showing as a list. Is there any way I can choose the format it appears in.

I am aware of the Private Browsing option. But I’m in a situation where I can’t always use that. Or sometimes I might forget it.

I found the list the perfect way to manage browsing history. I hope there’s still a way for me to view my history like that. I’m not sure if I changed a setting without knowing it or if it’s just the way Safari is now. Any suggestions? Btw, I’m on a Mac in case it makes any difference.