What size tires will fit my RAV4?

by on November 2, 2010

Q: What size of tires will fit the rims of my RAV4 correctly. At the moment I have 215/70/16 99s tires. Also I heard the wrong sized can change your speedometer.

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    This will depend on your model year and if you have the standard OEM rims on the RAV4.

    I always use these sites for tire size info:

    Yes, the tire sizes can have an change on your speedometer. Try this site to see what kind of change you will experience: http://www.paspeedo.com/calculator.htm


    A 235/60/16 is the optional tire size for your vehicle and the spedometer would be effected very little if any at all as this optional tire ia only 1 trnth larger diameter, thats less than a 1% difference in size. They are however wider. This info is available at Tirerac.com then choose your existing size then choose a tire then go to Specs and compare Diameters. If you search by vehicle you will also see the optional tire sizes that were offered on the vehicle when new.