Why does my computer not recoginize my new DVD burner?

by on November 2, 2010

Q: I had to replace my DVD burner so I bought a new one and it is an IDE PATA. It is the right one I thought the computer would just recognize it and install it no such luck. What do I have to change in my set-up so it will work. I am running Windows XP.

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    Check the old burner you ripped out and see how the jumper is set on the back of it. It will be set to either Master, Slave or Cable Select.

    Make sure you change the jumper on the back of your new DVD Burner to the same setting as the old one.

    Also, check your power and your IDE connections and make sure they are firm.

    Test the power and see if the drive door opens and closes.

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    It was the jumper on the back I was in a rush and forgot all about it. Thank you very much