Do you need a special xbox 360 to use kinect?

by on November 8, 2010

Q: What type for xbox 360 do you have to have for the kinect? The new black one or just a regular with one?

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    Microsoft has stated that Kinect will run on the newly redesigned Xbox 360 without a separate power supply.

    Anyone using the motion sensor on older Xbox models, however, will have it plug it into the wall separately from the console.

    Among the features listed on the back of the new 360’s box is a “custom Kinect port”. The “custom” part refers to the fact that the port not only connects the 360 to the Kinect camera bar, it provides all the power it needs too, while owners of existing models will need a separate power lead.

    The new Xbox has plenty of other tweaks too, of course: it boasts 802.11n Wi-Fi built-in, has touch-sensitive buttons, a 250 GB HD, and is very, very quiet.