How come I keep getting a blue screen on my HP?

by on November 8, 2010

Q: I have an HP Pavillion 9000 nvr with blue screen (bsod) problems. I rebooted and recovered from the partitioned e:/ drive F11-no change, F8 Advanced Option destructive recovery to remove added applications and files that may be corrupt-no change. I ran full recovery with discs in F:/ drive-no change,
On boot blue screen error says the following drivers need to be removed or disabled -answer ” Stop: oxc0000005;ox804da205; oxf9caf548; ox000000000
change video adapters
Also, BIOS;disable memory options caching & shadowing
Tried to boot with windows xp and repair-answer “File missing or corrupt – \windows\system32\config\system
” did not find any hard disk drives installed on computer” OUCH! Help,
need a step in the right direction.

One Response to “How come I keep getting a blue screen on my HP?”

    This is most commonly a problem with the RAM in your computer. I suggest you run memtest86 (runs from a boot cd, so you can still use it with your computer it is current condition). This will test your RAM for errors, if any of your RAM sticks are bad, you’ll need to replace them.