How do I transfer iTunes data from one computer to another?

by on November 9, 2010

Q: If I wanted to move my iTunes from one computer to another. How would I go about doing it and how many CDs would I need?

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    The number of CDs you need will depend on how much music you have. A Blank CD holds 650 to 700MB, and blank DVD holds about 4.7GB. 1GB equals about 1,000MB

    At the very bottom of itunes it will tell you how large your library is, click on music library at at the bottom of the screen you’ll see the size of the music library listed in either MB or GB depending on the size. Then click on your other libraries, like podcasts and apps to see how big all of those are. Add the size of each library up, and then divide by the capacity of the disks you are using (look on the label of the CD-R or DVD-R disks for that info). You will then know the number of disks you need, have a few extra on hand as well just to be safe.

    To create backup CDs or DVDs:

    Choose File > Library > “Back up to Disc.”

    Select your options, and click Next.

    Insert a blank disc (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, or DVD-RW).

    Click Back Up.

    iTunes burns the number of items that fit on one disc, and then asks you to insert subsequent discs to continue burning the remaining files. Don’t eject a disc while a backup is in progress.

    Discs you create using the iTunes backup feature can be used only to restore; you can’t play them in a CD or DVD player.

    On the new computer, install iTunes. Then use the backup disks on the new computer.

    Insert the first backup disc.

    A message appears, asking if you want to restore. To replace files in your iTunes library with files from the disc, select “Overwrite existing files.”

    Click Restore and follow the onscreen prompts.