How can I fix a low disk warning?

by on November 11, 2010

Q: I have an HP Laptop running Windows Vista. I am getting a low disk warning on my D drive listed as HP_Recovery. It shows 6.52 GB used and 11.7 MB available. When I do a disk clean up it only shows my recycle bin and that is all. It does not show any other files. How can I free up some space or fix this issue?

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    Hi Mystryred,
    You can remove the drive letter from Disk Managment. To do so, Open up Computer management by Right Clicking on “My Computer” and going to “manage” In there you will see at the bottom left hand column “storage”. From there click on “Disk Management”. Find the drive letter that your having problems with and right click on it and choose “Change Drive letter”. Another window will open up. Click “Remove”. This will not delete the contents just remove the drive letter from the system so that it no longer reads the data on it. You will still be able to access this data if needed in the future. Hope this helps.


      Thank you, but that really does not solve my problem. I want to clean out this drive, but can NOT find any files to delete when I go there to clean out. Are these files hidden? Do I need to do something to see these files?


    This volume is a recovery volume. It is there in the event that you need to restore your computer to factory settings. Deleting files out of that volume may make your computer not be able to boot in the future.


    Thank you. I did as you stated and so far so good.


    Awesome, Let me know if you still run into issues!