Will a $300 desktop be good enough for surfing and chatting?

by on November 11, 2010

Q: I am looking for a new computer on a budget. Best Buy sells the following for about $300, is it any good? Compaq – Presario Desktop / AMD Athlon II Processor / 2GB Memory / 500GB Hard Drive Model: CQ5600Y | SKU: 1254175

I do NOT store or watch movies, I do NOT play video games, I do NOT need large storage capacity. I use my computer for writing, surfing and chatting.

Any comments on the above machine?

2 Responses to “Will a $300 desktop be good enough for surfing and chatting?”

    Yes, that computer will more than suffice. What kind of OS is it running? I would recommend Windows 7 rather than Vista as it is more stable and performs better. Also, If your going to be writing you may want to get some sort of word processing software such as microsoft word. Make sure that you have or you are going to purchase a monitor as this SKU does not come with one, It appears that it just comes with a Mouse and Keyboard.


    The operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium. Yes, I have a very nice (plug & play) CTL flat screen monitor and I’m hoping it will work with this new tower (?) Not so sure about my older Epson Photo R200 printer…its older but works excellently, any idea whether the new computer tower will recognize these items? Thank you VERY much for your reply!!!