Can I put a 500GB hard drive in a laptop?

by on November 13, 2010

Q: I got an Acer Aspire 5570-2067 can I install a 500GB or 640GB in my laptop? If I do which one is better?

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    GB stands for Gigabytes, and is a unit of measurement of data storage capacity. Since you probably want more hard drive space you’d probably want the 640GB drive since it can hold more data.

    Your laptop can only hold a single hard drive, so if you want more harddrive space, you’d need to remove your old hard drive and replace it with the new one. Just make sure that you buy a laptop harddrive (will be noted as a 2.5″ harddrive, as opposed to 3.5″ which is normally found in desktop PCs).

    You’ll also need to copy data over and possibly do a system restore onto your new drive. This can be tricky so if you’ve never done anything like this before you might want to get some help from someone locally.