Should I run Photoshop CS5 via Windows on my MacBook Pro?

by on November 15, 2010

Q: I have Photoshop Creative Suite 4 (for Windows) and would like to upgrade to Photoshop CS5 and install it on a brand new MacBook Pro. I am concerned about running this windows software on the Mac even though it is supposedly possible. I need something that will run trouble free and fast for my photography applications. Would I be better off spending the extra bucks to get a complete ($$$$) new Version of CS5 (for Mac)?

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    For best results you’ll want to run the Mac version of Photoshop on your mac.

    Luckly, Adobe does sometimes sell a ‘crossgrade’ for about the same cost as the photoshop upgrade.

    Contact Adobe Licensing, registration, web subscription services:
    7 days a week, 5am–7pm PST

    If you are outside of the US, see for the correct phone number in your area.