What streaming media box should I get?

by on November 17, 2010

Q: Hi I’m torn over which media streaming device to purchase and could really use some geek input to sift through all the research. Right now I’m considering one of three options: Roku XD, Apple TV, and Boxee Box. Roku and Boxee have 1080p which is pretty important for my 52″ TV. However Apple TV seems to have a smoother UI and I’ve seen no complaints on streaming speed issues with apple. Boxee supports a wide range of formats, big plus, (I have a lot of media on my computer I want to stream wirelessly) but is really limited (so far) in terms of Internet streaming options. Roku seems to only support iTunes-esque formats but has great addons, apple tv is only 720p and I’m afraid of being locked down to apple services/apps/pricing. What gave you guys tried and what would you suggest?

2 Responses to “What streaming media box should I get?”

    I personally use the Boxee software on a PC, and have been pretty happy with it. You might want to try it out on a computer and see how you like it.


    I’ve personally used the roku box wirelessly and it seemed to work pretty well. The quality was great, There were quite a few channels to subscribe to. Setup was easy. I actually purchased the box for my parents and my mom uses it multiple times a week to watch shows on. I believe that they also just released hulu + for the device as well. I can’t speak for any of the other boxes though.