Why does my laptop disconnect from my wireless router?

by on November 22, 2010

Q: I’ve been having issues with my laptop’s connection to the new D-Link N 150 Model: 601 router I had just bought. The connection on my laptop frequently jumps on and off; it happens maybe every few seconds or so and it’s very annoying.

The router is connected to my modem on my desktop computer. I don’t think there is any interference, there are barely any walls separating the two devices. My laptop is located about 20 or 30 feet from the desktop computer. When my laptop (VAIO VGN-CS320J; Vista) IS connected, the signal strength is excellent. But after a few seconds, it will sometimes jump off to “not connected.”

Then again, after a few more seconds, it will reconnect itself, back to connected and the signal strength is still excellent.

Also, another problem is that I cannot connect my iPod touch to the wireless network. Even when I’m right by my laptop, which displays an”excellent” signal strength, an app (e-wifi) on it shows that the network has a strength of around “-80”. The built in wifi finder generally cannot detect my network either. (even though the laptop detects it just fine.

I did read the last review here: http://www.dlink.cc/d-link-reviews/d-link-dir-601-wireless-router-overview-and-user-reviews.html

Is there really no way to fix this? If there isn’t a solution, are there any other routers that don’t have any chronic problems of comparable price? Or anything that can be bought to fix it?

Any comments, ideas, suggestions, questions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    If you’ve having this problem with a device you just purchased you should contact D-link for Warranty support.