Is there a certain order to setting up a new laptop?

by on November 25, 2010

Q: Just got a new asus u52 laptop (its still in the box!): is there a certain order of things to do to get it up and running ? I have a separate CD for internet security; its what i have for my desktop computer.

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    I suggest turning it on, and going through whatever initial setup needed. Get it on-line and run your windows updates.

    Then we need to get rid of all the junk trial software that comes preinstalled on your computer, slowing it down and eating up harddrive space. Try to take care of most of this stuff.

    Also uninstall whatever trial anti-virus software is on there.

    After that I’d go through the programs and uninstall anything else you don’t need (google search on it first to make sure it isn’t important)

    From there I suggest using Microsoft Security Essentials (free) as your security suite.

    Last we need to deal with backups and recovery. First create a System Repair disk:

    Then come up with a backup plan for your important files. Take a look at and as options. Don’t waste time on this stuff, people drop laptops all the time and kill their harddrives, so have a nice automated backup plan!

    For some other must-have software check out the lifehacker pack, and grab what you need: