How can I reinstall Windows Vista without having the password?

by on November 27, 2010

Q: I have lost my Windows Vista Login and I do not have a password change disk. I want to re-install; but it will not accept the re-install disk unless I enter the password. Is the laptop completely lost since I lost the password?

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    Are you able to boot the computer into safe mode?

    1. When booting up the computer and the first screen appears gently continue to press F8 multiple times until the operating choices appear.
    2. Select to boot into Safe mode.
    3. See if you can now log in as either the user or the administrator.
    4. Log in and reset the password.

    If this doesn’t work for you. and you have access to another computer you can try to download the password reset disc or various other tools.

    The last option would be to do a completely fresh reinstall of the Operating system, use this only as a last option.

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    Vista passwords shouldn’t be needed if you’re doing a full system wipe by booting from the install disk.

    If you are getting a password prompt before you see the Vista load screen then it is probably a BIOS password.

    If you have a desktop, unplug the pc, pop it open and pop out the disk battery on the motherboard. Wait a minute, put it back in and you should be good to go. Just load default settings to bios when prompted.

    If you have a laptop, those steps won’t work. You’ll need to either contact the manufacturer, or post your make and model of the laptop here.