How do I get restore disk for my computer?

by on November 28, 2010

Q: How do I get restore disk for my computer? I have 4 computers and in the shuffle of things there all mixed together. How do I determine which is which computer?

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    Most computers come from the manufacturer with the restore information kept on the hard drive. Check your manual (available on the manufacturer’s website) for details on if this feature is available to you.

    If not, contact the manufacturer and request a restore disk.


    If you have all 4 restore disks available to you, and you’re not sure what disk goes with what computer, then I’m guessing they are all a similar make and model. Unless the disks are labeled in anyway that allows you to identify what computer they belong to, the best I can suggest is trial and error.

    Since you’ll be wiping the whole system anyway, the worst case situation is you’ll just need to run another restore. If the computers are all very similar or if the disks are labeled identically, then it probably won’t make a difference what disk you use.