Is an HP scanjet 3970 scanner compatible with Windows 7?

by on November 28, 2010

Q: New computer with windows 7 says my HP scanjet 3970 scanner is not compatible (scanner is 32 bit…W7 is 64?). Is there any way to get my scanner to work with windows 7?

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    HP never made official Windows 7 64 bit drivers for this scanner, they did however make them for 64bit Vista. Those are your best shot at getting it to work.

    You can download the 64bit Vista drivers here:


    Also, see the following note from HP:

    This is the minimum driver required for basic WIA functionality. This driver enables scanning with the Windows Photo Gallery on Windows Vista or the Scanner and Camera Wizard on Windows XP. Scanning can also be done with a variety of 3rd party scanner enabled applications.
    You might find that some features are no longer available when using this basic driver. We are sorry to inform you that a full feature driver for Windows Vista or Windows XP Professional x64 Edition will not be available for your HP product in the future. You can upgrade to an HP product that is fully compatible with Windows Vista or Windows XP Professional x64 Edition if additional features are necessary


    I don’t think I explained my situation clearly enough. I have a 6 year old HP scanjet printer 3970 that I’ve used on my old computer which was running Windows XP. Two weeks ago, I bought a new computer (Compaq Presario CQ5600Y) that has a Windows 7 operating system. My old HP scanjet scanner will not work with my new computer since it is designed for 32 bit system and my new computer is a 64 bit system. Is there any way to get my new computer to recognize the old scanner?


    I tried using the VISTA driver, but it didn’t work. Looks like I have to buy a new scanner?


    If the 64bit Vista driver doesn’t work for you then you’ll need to look into a new scanner. HP doesn’t have much financial incentive to keep their drivers updated.

    Microsoft lists the scanner as not compatible:

    I also researched on-line and was unable to find anyone that had found a successful workaround.


    The 64 bit tip was a help after all. I downloaded the 64 bit driver (for Vista) and initially I didn’t think it worked because I was getting an “software not installed” error message. However, I discovered that I can run the scanner manually (by the buttons on the front of the scanner). It is an extra step I didn’t have to do before, but it certainly works and will buy me some time before I purchase a new scanner. You guys at askageek are fantastic. I can’t thank you enough!!!