What kind of RAM do I need to upgrade my computer?

by on December 3, 2010

Q: OK as it’s christmas i am being bought a RAM memory card, my computer has a total of 3 ram chip slots, i currently am running on a 1GB PNY DDR2 RAM card ( … ) i have heard that you need to have the same type of RAM card to work well with the original one, what i need to know is which would be the best option for me:

buy additional PNY 1GB DDR2 ram cards and plug them in to work with my original 1GB card.

buy a set of 2 chips (in the same packet) of 2gb+ ram and get rid of my original 1GB card.

buy additional (other company) ram cards and plug them in to work with my PNY DDR2 1GB card.

if there is a better choice for me, PLEASE tell me 🙂
btw i’m not amazing at computers but i have home built my pc
BTW it’s a desktop Windows 7 PC with a XFX motherboard, GeForce 8300 Graphics card (i think)
please mail me if you need to know anything else


One Response to “What kind of RAM do I need to upgrade my computer?”

    What is the model of your XFX motherboard? Are you running 32 bit or 64 bit windows 7?

    If you are only running 32 bit Windows 7 it will not read more than 4gb(sometimes reads as 3.5gb)

    My suggestion is to upgrade to 2 – 2gb sticks of your PNY ram so you have a total of 4gb of ram.

    If you are running a 64bit OS your motherboard may support more than 4gb or ram. But 4gb is amount unless you are looking to do a lot of video gaming, video/music editing, Adobe software.

    If you have any more questions please let me know.