Why do I get a blue screen error when I start my IBM ThinkPad?

by on December 3, 2010

Q: IBM ThinkPad Laptop – Windows XP Blue Screen of DEATH

When I start it up:
It displays the IBM logo screen
Then displays black screen saying there was a problem starting windows, start windows normally, safe mode, etc. – selecting “start windows normally”
Then the Windows XP screen with the loading bar
Then goes to the blue screen of death (every time), Even when trying to boot in safe mode i get a nonpaging file error
The thing is i have no cd/dvd drive in it and the usb ports are unresponsive any help would be greatly appreciated

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    It sounds like we are in a tough situation here.

    Just to make sure i understand you correctly your USB is unresponsive and you cannot boot into safe mode and have No CD/DVD drive.

    Do you have a CD DVD drive that you can plug into it(non usb)?

    Have you recently downloaded any applications or updated you computer and then it started to happen?

    Please let me know and we will see if we can move forward in troubleshooting.


      yes i believe it had not been updated in several years i connected it to the internet and began updating came back a while later and turned it on and thats wen it all began i have another non usb disc drive doesnt fit inside the casing i have taken it apart n still cant get the drive in many thanks if you require any more details just ask