Which Netbook should I buy?

by on December 6, 2010

Q: Which Netbook should i buy?

1. HP Mini 210 Netbook
250GB memory
2GB Ram
1.8 ghz (i think its called that)

2. a Packard Bell DOT se Pink
320GB Memory
2GB Ram
1.6 ghz

They are both the same price. I have heard that Packard Bell is not a reliable make, but the salesman told me that they have now been taken over by Acer so are better and good value. I know that HP is a good make, it has a little less memory and only comes in black.

Honestly I am swayed by the prettiness of the Packard Bell and it comes with software that i want including photoshop.
I am going backpacking and traveling for a year and I want a netbook for the internet and emails etc.
I understand that they both have 6 cell batteries and have heard conflicting stories on whether both netbooks have battery life of over 8 hours – which is very important to me.

So i would like some advice on which one to buy, inevitably i want the best practical laptop. I can live without pink if packard bell isn’t good.

Thanks so much!

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    HP has a lot of experience under their belt. They make a very reliable Netbook.

    The biggest difference between the two is the Packard Bell has a slightly slower processor but more Hard drive space.

    Battery life also depends on how you will be using the device. If you are using it at a lower contrast (screen brightness) and not watching movies and playing games it will probably last a lot longer than if you were doing those things.

    My suggestion would again be to go with the HP. They also have very good support.


    i took your advise and i bought a hp netbook.
    I ended up getting the best of both worlds because I found the HP 210 something in preppy pink online. 🙂
    Thanks alot.