Why do I get warnings from Avast after installing Xvid-setup?

by on December 6, 2010

Q: hi there, i think i just install an application called “Xvid-setup” and when i run it, my avast program block it as malware, i just pause my avast protection and let the set up running, after all the set up complete, i continue the avast again, but my avast use to show up an information about a file in C:\\Users\\COMPAQ\\AppData\\Local\\Temp with the file name as “saiEEF0”, can you help me out??? must i delete this thing? or where should i find the root of this problem???

One Response to “Why do I get warnings from Avast after installing Xvid-setup?”

    The only Xvid-setup you should be installing is from http://www.xvid.org/

    If you didn’t get it from there, I suggest deleting this stuff. If you want a second opinion or two , try running the following scans: