Why does my laptop only use half the screen but works fine for a while after reinstall?

by on December 6, 2010

Q: The screen on my laptop is shrunk to half and the other half is black. I tried reinstalling windows and after reinstalling it becomes normal but then again pretty soon it becomes half again… Since it’s normal right after installing windows I assume it’s not display’s fault ( at least no 100% ) but I couldn’t fix anyway besides reinstalling windows…
do you guys have any idea what’s going and if it’s possible to fix it ?

i have windows xp


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    I would start by trying to see if there is updated drivers for the video on the laptop.

    Or if you recently installed video drivers that are not 100% compatible you may want to uninstall them.


    I tried but it doesn’t help. Plus I have original drivers the laptop came with that were working for a long time.


    I would go to the manufacturers website for the graphics chipset.
    -Download the newest and most up to date version
    (If you laptop is a dell the driver may still be AMD or Intel go to their respective site for drivers)
    -Uninstall the drivers currently installed on your Laptop.
    -Reboot and you should be informed there is new hardware found on your machine.
    -Cancel that.
    -Then install the newest drivers on your laptop that you just downloaded.

    Please let me know the outcome of that.


    I tried this out but still the same result…
    I have Toshiba Satellite A105-S4054