How come I can connect to my WiFi but not load web pages?

by on December 8, 2010

Q: My computer can connect to Internet-WIFI, but won’t pull up a web page. Error directs to proxy settings for a LAN, but not a LAN.

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    The WiFi connection just means that a connection exists between your computer at the wireless router. From there the router will still need a working connection to the outside internet.

    First let’s make sure there is a configuration problem with your computer.

    I’m going to assume you’re using Internet Explorer, and Windows and that this problem is with your home PC, using your home internet connection and wireless router. If that isn’t the case, you probably don’t want to follow these directions but instead provide some more detail about your setup.

    With that said, open up Internet Explorer

    Under “Tools” in the browser tool bar select “Internet Options”.
    In the “Internet Options” window that pops up, click the “Connections” tab at the top.
    Click “LAN Settings” near the bottom of the “Connections” section.
    If the “Proxy server” checkbox is marked with a check, click it to deselect/uncheck it.

    Click OK on each window and then try to go to a web page.

    If you’re still unable to access the internet, you’ll need to check the rest of your home network equipment. Make sure your broadband modem is powered up and is showing a connected status. Try a different computer on the Wifi connection to see if that one works.


    I’m sorry, I guess I didn’t give you enough information. However I will try what you suggested above. This is a laptop that was connecting to the Internet using a wireless Verizon card. I removed the VZW program and deleted it from the network places. I reset the Internet options under the advanced tab… did three comprehensive virus scans, disk sweep, pc tune up and defrag. [I thought I may have a virus] I am using a public Wifi at a local cafe. The computer connects to the Wifi with full bars. When I click on IE the page comes up as cannot be displayed and then when I click diagnose problem, it tells me to check LAN settings as you suggested. The boxes for the LAN are not checked. I removed the homepage address and tried typing several addresses but none would connect. I also tried another wifi at different location and the results are the same. I have always used these wifi’s for my Internet use; for three or four years without a problem until now.


    What version of Windows are you running?


      Vista. I hope I am explaining clearly. I’m sorry, I was at work. I cannot quote the error exactly because I have to drive over 15 miles to the cafe wifi. I am on my desktop. I used public wifi or the air card and never had a problem. I used the wifi while the VZW program was installed and the computer connected to the wifi without making any changes in network places. So I am pretty sure there wasn’t any conflictions between the two; such as default connection. The problem is trying to open a web page. If I pull up a blank browser page and type in an address, it will not open and I get the cannot display error. I am wondering if it is IE and maybe I should try to install IE and overwrite the old one? I deleted all temporary internet files, cookies and history in case of virus… ? I hope this helps.


    Have you tried plugging your laptop into your home network with an Ethernet cable to see if that works? I’m assuming you don’t have wireless internet setup at your house.

    Some things to try once you have a wifi connection established:

    Start > Control Panel> Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Click Diagnose and Repair.

    Made note of the exact error message you get and post it here.

    Also Try: Start > Run…

    Type in CMD and click okay.

    Now type in “ipconfig /all” (without quotes)
    hit enter
    paste the results here

    now type in “ping”
    hit enter
    paste the results here

    Also, please post the make and model of your laptop.


    Thank you very much. I will try the air card (vzw) first and then the sattelite. I will have to set up my ethernet or connect directly to the sattelite.

    Thanks, I’ll be back.



    I plugged the laptop directly into my home satellite and it connects to the Internet fine.

    The weather is terrible here, so it may be a couple days before I can get to the public wifi.

    The Laptop is a Sony Vio Model # PCG-384L.

    Thanks, I’ll be back.

    nancy lynn


    ommission- I’ll try what you suggested above when I get to the wifi. Is this correct?


    Hi, I tried the wifi today and I can connect to the Internet. After the successful attempt to access the Internet by satellite, I did another comprehensive virus scan and deleted all Internet, temporary files and off line web pages.

    That makes a total of 4 virus scans and disk sweeps. So all I can conclude is that I had a virus or program running in the background… ? It’s a mystery to me!

    Anyway, thanks so much for your help. You are a great bunch of geeks!