How come I cannot access my files after moving them onto an external hard drive?

by on December 8, 2010

Q: I’m running a perfect running version of Windows XP. Have NEVER had problems accessing files. I bought a brand new WD 2TB ext. HD, moved over 800 GB’s of files to it. Now when I try to access ANY file, the corresponding programs open and act as if there’s NO FILE loaded! This is true for txt/photo/audio/video files you name it-including my ENTIRE DVD library I backed up to my previous 500 GB drive! The files on the drive show up in explorer, but even when moved to my laptop’s HD, they’re inoperable. It’s as if they were corrupt the second they landed on my new 2 TB drive. I KNOW these files were fine before I moved them. Unless there’s some kind of Jedi tech trick I’m unaware of, I’ve just lost 800+ GB’s of media/files! If I can’t get them back, my question {I still have my receipt, but other than returning the drive to the store} do I have any recourse with Western Digital re: the value of the lost files? After all, these files are all visible, I can prove I had them before I used their product. Thoughts? Thanks very much!

One Response to “How come I cannot access my files after moving them onto an external hard drive?”

    Here are my suggestions, your mileage may vary and none of this may help or just make things worse, but it is what I would be doing in this kind of a situation:

    First I suggest running chkdsk on all your harddrives:
    This page from Microsoft explains how it works. So you can understand what it would do to your drive.

    Beyond this your best course of action is to contact Western Digital. Just remember to be polite, it isn’t the support rep’s fault your data is screwed up.