How can you see if someone read your email?

by on December 12, 2010

Q: How can you see if someone read your email?

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    What email service are you using? Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail? or are you using a POP3/IMAP Service from an ISP or email provider. There are ways to find out but you would usually have to have the admin of the mail server look through a lot of logs for this. if you administer your own mail server then this should be fairly easy. I also know that Gmail can show you the last time that you logged in and from what IP Address.


    I just use imonitor power keylogger to deal with such case, monitoring my son’s computer. That is amazing tool, email record no matter web or outlook, all other activities recorded, keylogger, block website or apps, desktop snapshot etc.
    Try it by yourself,


    Vanilan’s option may work if you suspect that someone is reading your email from a computer that you have administrative privileges to so that you can install that type of software.