How come YouTube videos constanty buffer every 5 seconds?

by on December 12, 2010

Q: Hello,
When viewing short streaming videos on YouTube etc. my PC is constantly buffering every 5 seconds or so even though I have a 100MB/s
link speed.
I have a 5 watt wifi antenna mounted on a 20 ft mast on a boat. It is connected to ethernet port on a HP netbook with 1G RAM and additional 2G+ on usb flash drive. I am showing about 50% CPU usage and only 0.3 – 1% network usage on my 100MB/s link speed. I am also using RAM optimizer s/w giving me about 400MB free RAM.
Operating system is Win 7. Using free Comodo
firewall s/w. Browser is IE 8.
What is causing this buffering or limited network
% usage??
Thanks for any assistance…

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    I’m guessing this is a wifi network provided by your harbor. Every computer connected to that wifi network shares the same connection. So the more computers connected the slower the internet connection will be.

    Also, the 100MB/s link speed is only between your laptop and your router/whatever the other end of the Ethernet cable is connected to. You’re wifi link is likely a lot less than 100MB/s. Then there is still the connection of the far side of the wifi connection our to the internet.

    Bottom line is your internet is slow because there are other people using it, or the harbor’s internet connection itself is slow. Your only real option is to try connecting to a different network, or just pause your youtube videos and wait a little while for them to buffer up.

    You can also run a to test the speed of your internet connection. You’ll probably find that it changes a lot depending on time of day.