Is there anyway to turn on my computer without pressing the power button?

by on December 12, 2010

Q: My computer power button appears broken on my Acer Aspire M1640. When I shut it down everything worked fine. The design of the button has always been suspect.

Staples tried their power cord with no success. Neither of us were able to open the panel to access the inside. I also tried other electrical outlets.

Is there any other way to power up the computer besides the power button?

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    Nope, you’ll need to contact Acer for a repair.


      I noticed that this was tagged under ‘laptop’, my computer is a desktop. I have searched the web and seen some options to boot up the computer using the keyboard — the main reason I sent this question. I don’t know if any of this makes a difference.

      In the future is there any way to find the answer to my question at this site without having to Google ‘shadowbaloo’?


        I modified your question so that it does not say laptop but really there isn’t much of a difference.

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    It sounds like the computer is dead, this could be due to a couple of reasons. The only other thing that I would suggest trying if you haven’t yet is to attempt to power the computer on without the battery in it. If it still doesn’t work then I would suggest trying to warranty it, send it out for repair, or replace it.


    ooooooh, Desktop Computer. There isn’t going to be a whole lot you can do until you figure out how to get the computer open.

    Once you manage that, you can bypass the power switch.

    Unlike your classic light switch where you’re completing a circuit, the power switch in your ATX based computer is just a momentary connection. If you follow the thin cable going from the power switch on the front of your computer to your motherboard, you’ll find that it leads to two pins. If you create a brief connection between these two pins (I’ve used an insulated flat head screwdriver before) the computer will turn on. I’d more expect that you have a dead power supply than a dead power switch.

    That said, try all this at your own risk. If you’re not careful you might electrocute yourself, set your house on fire and/or permanently destroy your computer.

    If you’re computer is still under any kind of warranty, you’re going to watch to contact Acer before you try anything. If not, you can attempt these diagnosis yourself or go to your local friendly computer shop for an assessment.


    Yes, there are ways to turn on your computer without using the power switch!!!

    I know on my old Gigabyte motherboard, once I went into BIOS, you can change the settings on how to turn on your computer… I remember there’s settings that allow you to double-click your mouse while your computer is off, that will turn it on. Have a look around in your BIOS settings!