How come I cannot open web pages using IE and FireFox on WiFi?

by on December 16, 2010

Q: Neither IE or FireFox open web pages when I connect with wifi but will open ok with my mobile (cellular)?

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    I’m guessing that you’re tethering your cell phone to your laptop, and that works fine. However, when you connect to a wifi connection you’re unable to view websites.

    Are you connecting to your home network, or a public wifi hotspot? Have you tried more than one wifi network? If this only happens at home, is anything else able to access the internet from your home wifi connection?

    The more details you can provide the quicker we can find a solution, thanks!


    the wireless router is one that worked just fine 6 months ago in my office.
    I moved to another location but now the connection is re-made my signal is good, I have tried turning off all security
    Connections at public wifi is not an issue – works fine
    Thank you


    The probably is probably between your router and your internet service provider. I suggest you give them a call so they can confirm that your connection is setup correctly.