How can I figure out what is using up all my disk space?

by on December 21, 2010

Q: My laptop computer tells me my disc space is nearly full but when I looked at all the programmes installed they only added up to 1.43gb whereas the disc size is something like 74gb.

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    Either of these two programs should help you find out what is taking up all your hard drive space:

    CCleaner should also help you find and delete some junk files:


    I would try using spacemonger. It is a great free tool that will scan your drives and give you a visaul of what folders and files are taking up the most space.

    It may be a infection on your computer writing temp. file or it could be as simple as Windows Hibernation. I have seen this take up a hard drive several times before.

    This article will tell you how to check your windows hibernation files.