How can I edit a PDF and keep the same formatting?

by on December 23, 2010

Q: I was searching for a way to edit text which is really an image within a PDF file. I have a document that I would like to edit the text of the image but keep the same formatting (size and font). Anyone know of a program that will do this for me or know someone who can do this for me?

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    If you can provide the file and a detailed explanation of what you want done, I should be able to take care of it.

    E-mail me mark(at) and I can review it for you and provide a quote for the work. If nothing else I’ll be able to provide some software suggestions at no charge.


    Since you have Acrobat Pro and Photoshop available you should have a pretty good shot at taking care of the work. Your workflow should be something like exporting a copy of the image via Acrobat, then opening the image up in Photoshop and working from there.

    In Photoshop you’ll need to either clone the existing letters or try and identify the font used. You might be able to try submitting the image to What the Font: which might be able to identify the font used.

    From there you’ll probably need to recreate some parts of the image that won’t have text over top of them anymore. This is going to be some touchy work. Try this tutorial for some ideas:

    If you can’t get the font matched, your best option is to remove all the text from on top of the photo and then use your own phone. Or maybe using that exact photo background isn’t mission critical (or worth a lot of hours of your time) if that’s the case, use a different background photo and your own text and font, and import that over to the PDF!