What could be causing my power supply to short a transistor?

by on December 23, 2010

Q: I have a clone CPU essys main board and intel celeron
3.2Ghz processor, 1Gb Ram DDR2, 80GB Sata Seagate HDD.

my PC hang up & i tried restarting and in the process my Power supply stopped functioning and i replaced the faulty transistor 13005a but again it stopped functioning when i started the PC after running for 30 second just after the beep. so am asking what could be causing the power supply to short the transistor since my power supply is supporting other PC’s i did a test and it worked fine or could it be from other h/wares.

One Response to “What could be causing my power supply to short a transistor?”

    If the PSU works fine in another computer, there is a chance you have a short somewhere in the case. If there is any metal touching the motherboard where it shouldn’t be that can cause problems.

    There is also a chance that the motherboard is dead.

    Since you aren’t afraid of computer work, you can just pulling the guts of your computer out of the case and try to get it to boot. Just make sure all the parts are on plastic surface so there aren’t any shorts.

    From there try swapping parts out until stuff starts working. With enough trial and error you should be able to isolate the problem to a single component. However, if the PSU is totally shutting off or burning out, the problem is probably either a defective PSU or motherboard.