How can I turn off my computers microphone?

by on December 31, 2010

Q: My computer monitor is a HP Pavilion M50. There is a Voice recorder already in the computer (as in, we never bought one but there is a hole in the screen and you can record into that). Ok my problem is, once i turn on any sound on my computer, the recorder picks it up and plays it back threw the speakers. So if I’m typing, I can hear the typing in the speakers too. The worst part of all is when i play music. Since the recorder picks up the music that is playing out the the speakers, puts it through again, it makes the loudest high pitched static noise in the world. I was just wondering how I can turn the recorder off. I tried looking in the volume controls, but i didn’t find anything for it.

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    Try holding down the Windows key on the keyboard (between CTRL and ALT) and press V to turn the mic on and off.

    If that doesn’t work go into the control panel, select sounds and check in there for an option to disable the microphone.

    If all else fails, just unplug the microphone plug that runs from the monitor to the computer and that will take care of it.


    sadly, none of those options work


    There is a thin cable running out of the back of your monitor with a yellow plug. Is this plugged into the back of your computer?