How come my laptop cannot get on the Internet after dropping it?

by on December 31, 2010

Q: I watched my daughters laptop fall from the kitchen counter to the hardwood floor ..a full 36″ and upon inspection seemed only a tiny piece chipped off the front left corner ..part of the black glass that would be at the top left of the screen,about the size of large fingernail clipping(eww,gross analogy)…the computer was off when it fell.When we turned it on it worked ,but then my daughter said she couldn’t log onto the internet!!!!! Hep HP Pavillion entertainment Pc just 6 months old !!!!!It took us three years to save for,so now i am hoping someone will tell us that it can be repaired or what might be wrong and where to take it..we bought it off and i doubt they warantee that?

One Response to “How come my laptop cannot get on the Internet after dropping it?”

    Are you able to plug a cable into to the laptop and see if it still has internet?

    If it can still get out to the internet with a cable plugged in the wireless card may be broken.

    If it cannot get out to the internet even with the cable plugged in it may be worse damage like the mother board.

    If the laptop is only 6 months old you can call HP support and see if it is still under warranty, 1-800-474-6836.