Is there a tablet that supports flash?

by on March 30, 2011

Q: I am looking at getting a Tablet (ex Ipad ) but I dont know which one. I was thinking about the ipad for all the apps and the wifi but today I saw on my ipod that adobe flash player doesnt work on apple things. I need this to do my college school work on so it has to be able to have adobe flash player and word (of something like it) also be able to download things to it.. I would like to have a tablet and not a laptop for the size and light weight but will get a laptop if needed Thanks for the help!

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    All tablets running the Andriod operating system support flash. However, the ‘download things to it’ part means you might have to deal with specialized files and you might have a hard time dealing with those when you’re not on a standard Mac or Windows laptop.

    Given the infancy of the Android Tablets, I’d suggest you just stick with a lightweight Mac or Windows laptop to be on the safe side for all your future classes.