How come my Samsung cable boox goes into power save mode?

by on May 9, 2011

Q: I have TV service with brighthouse in Central Fla. area. My cable box is a samsung and it is in the 4 hour power save mode and goes to sleep after 4 hours. I cannot get my dvr to copy a program later because it goes into power save in 4 hours. I have had the box replaced by BH to no avail. The power save is OFF. I have been told that it does not do this with their rented dvr, why am I not surprised? Why is this not a major issue as the cable Co. is obviously forcing their rented products on clients.

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    What is the model number of the DVR?

    According to brighthouse’s website, the power save mode can’t be turned off on the PVRs, so it will probably go into power save no matter what. However it’s supposed to still record programming.

    Does it record shows correctly within the 4 hour power window, and only not record outside of the 4 hour power save mode?

    Since it’s their hardware they need to support it. So keep playing hardball with them until they get things working or tell them you’re switching to someone else!


    The power save mode after the 4 hour period shows a black screen with the brighthouse logo with time under it bouncing around the screen and this is what is recorded at that time on the VR, before the 4 hour time runs out it records properly. I am surprised this has not been an issue with other persons trying to record with their own equipment. My recorder is a Magnavox – MDR513-H/F7. Thanks for answering my inquiry so quickly.


    I’m sorry I didn’t understand your configuration before. I was under the impression that all your hardware was from brighthouse and you were using a Samsung DVR from brighthouse.

    Alright.. So it sounds like you have a cable box made by Samsung hooked into a Magnavox DVR that you own yourself.

    Assuming that is correct, Brighthouse isn’t going to care about the DVR since it isn’t their hardware. I was assuming all the gear was their’s.

    Please answer the following questions:

    1. What is the model of the Samsung cable box ?
    2. How is the cable box hooked to the DVR? Have you tried hooking the recorder directly to the cable line and bypassing the cable box?