Can I tether my iPod touch to my iPad 3G?

by on May 14, 2011

Q: Hello I have an iPad 3G with Verizon and I was wondering if it’s possible to tether to say my iPod touch without jail breaking the iPad !:D if u could help me out it would be much appreciated 🙂

One Response to “Can I tether my iPod touch to my iPad 3G?”

    I can’t find any information on this at the moment, I know they’ve rolled this feature out to the iPhone4. If it is possible you would be required to upgrade your data plan with Verizon. So I’d suggest giving Verizon a call to see if this feature is available yet and how much more per month you can expect to pay for it.
    On the iPhone 4, it’s an extra $10-$15 a month for this feature.